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17 Nov

Pack Transmitter

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Pack Transmitter
Zune car audio. What to do?

I bought an FM transmitter and I'm not too pleased with it. It's just a cheap GE Universal FM transmitter, but I hear most of them suckanyway, including the Zune Car pack (and at $80, if it's anything but perfect, screw that)

The stereo I put in the vehicle is a Panasonic CQ-C3403U.
Is there any alternative to an FM transmitter?
What price are we talking?

unless the stereo has a usb adapter or aux audio adapter (small head phone jack) then it maybe cheaper to buy a new stereo, other add ons to you current system may cost more. I think at least $150.00

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Audio-Technica Wireless UniPAk Body-Pack Transmitters w/ AVGIANT

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