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04 Nov

Cassette Tapes

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Cassette Tapes
My father has cassette tapes filled with his favorite music. How can I bring those into the digital world?

My father is 93 and has cassette tapes or Errol Garner and Ramsey Lewis that he loves. What kind of machine do I need to transfer those to digital files so I can cut him cds on my computer? Also what kind of a machine do I need to take his vhs tapes and make them into digital files?
Is there a process I need to know?

Since you have a PC, that's all you need.
Connect line out from a tape deck to your PC and capture the audio in wav format. You can then burn CDs on your PC.

For video, either buy a(USB) video capture dongle for your PC or a DVD recorder.

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Trash those records, now we have tape!

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