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23 Feb

Player Stereo

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Player Stereo
why does my car stereo cassette player have such low volume?

my car plays radio loud and nice, the cassette player doesn't play good now, it's such low volume when i put it max, i don't know what's wrong, i tried putting ipod adapter cassette for it and still low, any help? and it's a nissan sentra.
okay i'm not that stupid, i didnt put it in backwards, it's just that the cassette player plays with super low volume and i want to know how i can fix this, and if not, i want to know how to take the stereo out?

you may have blown something inside the cassette player itself, which would affect your output gain. if your radio itself is low too, then you probably damaged a speaker in your car. otherwise, you might have fried something inside your cassette player. to be honest, theres no way you can get that fixed... its a freakin cassette player. if it bugs you that much, take the whole thing out and put in a new stereo system.

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