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04 Nov

Backstage Karaoke

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Backstage Karaoke
Hannah Montana Games to play at my 9 year olds sleepover?

My daughter is having a Hannah Montana Sleepover this weekend for her birthday. For invitation...we made backstage passes...we will be doing makeovers, and hannah montana karaoke...cake, icecream and presents...

But when it comes to creative games to play with the Rockstar theme..I am stumped! any suggestions?

How cute, my little sister would love a party like that. I don't know if you are aware that there are "Hannah Montana" board games, you can get them at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, places like that. I think they will have a blast with karaoke. Did you think about buying them those fake blonde Hannah wigs? Or you could get plain t-shirts and buy glitter, buttons, and rhinestones and let them make their own "rockstar" shirt. Maybe you could have them act out one of the Hannah Montana shows and record them and let them watch it after on the T.V, they would probably get a kick out of that. Best of luck, sounds like they will have a great time.

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BackStage Karaoke Cha Cha Sings

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