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09 Feb

Karaoke Video

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Karaoke Video
Looking for the name of a Karaoke styled music video?

It's not a karaoke video but the actual music video of the song is done in a strange karaoke style where the ball not only bounces off words but off people and misc objects creating a pun in the lyrics... what is the name of this song? =O

Metronomy - A Thing For Me

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A well-planned wedding includes more entertainment than just a band or DJ. Raise your celebration from just another wedding to an event that will stand out in the minds of your guests for years to come by choosing additional unique wedding entertainers. Your options are nearly limitless, and there are vendors in nearly every city that can accommodate anything you dream up.

Make your reception truly unforgettable with spectacular wedding entertainment. Your guests will never forget your special day when it includes such fun activities. Some ideas are:

Magician - bring a little magic to your new marriage

Fire eaters - heat up the party
Hula dancers - perfect for a beach wedding
Lawn games - lovely wedding entertainment for an outdoor afternoon wedding
Photo booth - doubles as wedding favors
Pony rides - keep the kids busy
Photo and video shows - take a walk down memory lane
Caricature artist - a fun favor for guests
Silhouette artist - a lovely keepsake that can become an heirloom
Celebrity impersonator - invite your favorite actor, musician, athlete or politician
Belly dancers - hypnotize guests with these slinky moves
Salsa dancers - provide lessons afterwards
Tarot card reader - see the future
Dueling pianos - great for guest participation
Sky lanterns - a beautiful sendoff
Jugglers - keep kids entranced
Karaoke - guests serenade you

Choose a mix of wedding entertainment that will make guests not just ooh and ah, but also allow them to get involved. After watching the hula dancers, for example, provide and instructor to teach your guests to do the traditional Polynesian dance themselves. Kids can light sparklers during the fireworks display.

You don't have to go a traditional route with a standard band or DJ, either. To give your reception a fun feel, go with wedding entertainment such as a zydeco band, salsa band, 80's heavy metal cover band, or anything else high energy that will bring a smile to the faces of your guests. Ask guests to include the name of their favorite songs on their RSVP and play them during the reception.

Other types of wedding entertainment can be conversation starters during your cocktail hour. Ask guests ahead of time to provide you with copies of their wedding pictures and advice for a happy marriage and post them around your reception room. Have loved ones write down wishes for you on slips of paper and drop them in a wish jar. Provide trivia questions on index cards at cocktail tables and see who knows you as a couple the best, giving a prize for the highest score. Provide activities that keep guests having fun without becoming contrived.

No matter what kind of wedding entertainment you choose, make sure you sign a clear contract that spells out the responsibilities of each party so all you need to worry about on your wedding day is enjoying yourself! Sit back with your friends and family and watch the fireworks display, magician, fire eaters, and artists create the most memorable event your guests have ever attended!

Traditional weddings are becoming a thing of the past and Themed Weddings have since taken its place, which is why Wedding Entertainers have become more in demand than ever before. Magicians, fire performers and circus acts are becoming a more familiar sight.
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