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27 Feb

Corsair Alarm

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Corsair Alarm
I have 12.385v on my 12v rail?

I have just opened up a support ticket with EVGA on my new GFX card. The support tech told me to check hardware monitor... it was reading 12.385 volts on the 12 volt rail. how bad is this? the tech told me that it wasn't too much of a problem, and that he would only be alarmed if it were 12.4 volts or higher... I am just concerned because I have not overclocked anything in my computer and I am using a relatively new corsair 850 watt PSU.

that number uhave is worthless u need to get a digital muli neater and check it, checking it through software u will not get an accurate reading for that voltage. and anything below 13.2 is within atx spec (not that that would be good) but u have 10% to work with before u run hardware out of spec). i have a corsair 750tx and software is saying that mine is 12.320 but its really 12.004

so u need to go to radio shack or something and get somehting like a $20 digital multi meter that will dc, then plug the posotive into a yellow wire coming off the psu and the ground into a black with the unit set to voltage int he range that includes 12V.

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