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11 Jan

Sony Stereo

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Sony Stereo
How do I hook up my LG TV to my Sony Stereo?

I just got an LG Flat Screen TV. I have Dishnet. I have a Sony stereo.How do I hook up my TV to play through my stereo speakers? I don't have a lot of wires from the TV to anywhere. I know i have one more of the RCA cable jacks unused. But I have a million cables from the VCR and the Satellite box. I am completely clueless how to do this. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Connect all the video cables straight into the tv.

Connect as many of the audio cables directly into your receiver (stereo) as you can. Use, in best to worst order, optical cable, digital coax cable, or red white rca cables.

The optical and digital coax cables will provide surround sound. If your set up is only stereo, not surround, you can connect the audio cables into the tv, next to their video inputs on the back of the tv, and run one optical out of the tv into your receiver. As far as I know, the only audio output on HD tvs for use with external sound systems is optical cable.

And if your receiver doesn't have any optical inputs, you will than have to do as I mentioned above, just run all audio directly into the receiver, bypassing the tv.

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SONY Stereo

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