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12 Apr

Alarm Clock

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Alarm Clock
Can You Use a 9v battery In an Alarm Clock?

I am planning to bring my alarm clock to Europe for a trip. I would like to use a 9V battery to power it. From what I can tell, with most alarm clocks (mine is a radio alarm clock, normal size), only use 9V batteries for back up. Will the alarm clock function normally if only a 9V battery is used to power it (not plugged in for 7 weeks)?

Thank You.

No, it won't, as you say, it is for back up to keep the time current but it doesn't keep the clock functional. Get a battery operated travel alarm clock.

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Everything about Doorbells

Inventors start with the idea about how to do something or how to do something better. Mark Twain once said that 'an accident is the best inventor'. An apple falling on Newton's head was an accident that led to his discovery of gravity. In the same way Joseph Henry invented electronic doorbell in the year 1831 because he never wanted his visitors to holler their heart out to inform him of their arrival.

The ice box turned into the refrigerator, black and white movies turned into Technicolor and land phones turned into cell phones. While progress moves us forward, it turns yesterday's inventions into tomorrow's wonders. Man has always looked for convenient ways to lead his life. This is the reason why a simple device like a door bell has not been spared. The "pull" type doorbells, where one had to pull a short handle or a knob to make the bell ring. These were the good old mechanical doorbells. Mechanical doorbells came in many forms - but the most popular were the twist style and pull styles. For a twist mechanical doorbell - the user had to twist a stem which moves a set of gears to push against a bell (much like a mechanical alarm clock). Pull style doorbells consisted simply of a rope hooked to a bell.

As other inventions were improvised, door bells were also improvised. The "pull" type door bells were soon replaced by the "press" type door bells.
Designer doorbell buttons were popularized in the late 1920's and early 1930's. Long before more modern electric doorbells came into fashion, grand mechanical doorbells abounded and could even help distinguish one house from the other.

Wired Doorbells became more compact and flexible. But there was always the problem of wires when looking to install the wired doorbells. So soon, wireless doorbells were introduced. The Wireless Doorbell is yet another extension of modern society's focus on function and electronics. The Wireless Doorbell's ability to be installed easily and its increasing signal strength make it a valuable purchase for many consumers.

Wireless doorbells can either be battery operated or electric powered. The Battery-operated ones will vary somewhat with some weaker models using Triple A batteries and the stronger models using D batteries. The main feature to look for in this area is battery life. We recommend going with a unit requiring D batteries as these tend to last longer. The wireless door bell can be carried along with you if you are moving to a different house without any difficulties in installation.

The sky is the limit in the case of wireless doorbells or door chimes. There are basic sounds like Westminster, Dong, or Ding Dong and then there are others that offer a lot more. Some models will play a list of over 50 songs and some will even let you record a message or play your favorite song in CD quality recording. This can be an especially intriguing option around the holidays as there are a number of different holiday songs. At the very least, this feature will be a good conversation piece. Also, for those who already have a wireless doorbell, you can even purchase add ons that provide more chimes or sounds. Regardless, of the option chosen most devices offer 12 or 13 basic chimes. Whether you want to go beyond this list will depend a lot on your personality and personal taste.

The wireless doorbell is not perfect; there are some people who still look for advanced qualities in their doorbells. Some people look for high end wireless doorbell that can record your mp3 tunes straight from your ipod. Some people look for long range wireless doorbells or weatherproof wireless doorbells. It all depends on the requirements and the personal taste of the person.

If you are staying in an apartment, a simple door bell informing about a visitor at your home is enough for you, but if you are staying in a big mansion, you definitely need intercom security systems through which you can know your visitor and even speak to your visitor without opening the door. Despite so many advanced inventions in the field of door bells, some people still love to have traditional door chimes. Some people believe in hanging decorative wind chimes which enhance the style and décor of your modern home.

Doorbellfacts.com is a website which gives complete information about doorbells and door chimes. You cannot imagine a day without your "dingdong". This website explains you the importance of the doorbells, doorbell buttons and doorbell accessories. You can get all the specifications of decorative wireless doorbells, long range wireless doorbells, weatherproof wireless doorbells, wireless doorbell buttons etc. from this website. Doorbellfacts.com, Hermitage, also gives you tips to buy doorbells, door buttons, door bell accessories and door chimes without any difficulty.

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