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19 Feb

Bookshelf Loudspeakers

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Bookshelf Loudspeakers
Speaker Stands for KEF C3 Bookshelf Speakers?

Can anyone find speaker stands that will exactly match the specifications of the KEF C3?

By matching, I assume that you mean the top plate of the stands matches the 10"x7" size of the bottom of the KEF C3's?

I'm not sure that the top plate should even match the dimensions exactly. I think that normally, you get speaker stands that are a little smaller, so the top plate doesn't show. You also don't mention how tall you want the speaker stands to be.

I'd suggest giving standsandmounts.com a call and speaking to a sales person. They carry a wide variety of speaker stands, but unfortunately their website is organized by height, not by top plate dimensions. Their number is (800) 807-1477.

You can also order custom made stands. Just do a search for custom speaker stands and you'll see a few vendors. I've included a link to one such vendor below.

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