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17 Dec

Grill Cloth

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Grill Cloth
Spring Cleaning - Grills?

My 3-burner grill had to sit outside over the winter, it had a cover but the wind often blew it off leaving it exposed to the elements.
What type of cleaner should i use to polish it up? What parts should I clean besides the obvious? What type of cloth/brush should be used? I believe i still have to manual somewhere, but it will take some time to dig it up.

For the grills, I place mine in a big black garbage bag, then spray oven cleaner all over them and let them sit in the bag for about 1 hour.

I then take them with a soft brush and clean them looking like new.

For my Weber, I use 409 and paper towels to keep it grease free and clean.

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New grill cloth for the 1954 and 1958 Magnavox and two new projects

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