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24 Dec

Infinity Tss

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Infinity Tss
Which tampon is good for me?

So today I just bought my very first pack of Tampons (it's called U by Kotex) along with Always Infinity Pads.

The reason why I bought this is because 1) I've always wanted to Try tampons and 2) The pads my mother buys are so big a bulky!

If you remember from my old question (Mother won't let me use Tampons) my mother truly doesn't want my to use tampons at all. From all that talk about Tampons I'm nervous and scared when I try to put it on (When my Period Finally comes).

My main fear is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). So when I bought the tampons it got the regular instead of the light or super.

So My question is If the regular tampons are safe for me to use? I don't want to get sick and die. Also should I change it every 3-4 hours or less?
I've Had my Period Since the 5th Grade. It's just that it's been way over a month since I got my period.

Don't sleep in them
I change mine every 4 hours and I've tried every brand and playtex gentle glide regular in slender are the best!
Oh and the cardboard ones HURT horribly.

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