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21 Jan

Pair Pyle

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Pair Pyle
what amp/subs/door speakers should i get for my regular cab nissan pickup?

only problem is i don't have a whole lot of room behind seat, it's all the way back but i can afford to adjust it once maybe twice forward in order to be comfortable. so should 1 10 or 12 work or 2 of either? i don't need competition system but also don't want junk. i listen to mainly rock with occasional 90s hip hop.

when i purchased the truck yrs ago they had 4"(i think, been awhile since i changed them out) door speakers and now i must replace them again after breaking one being stupid.

-decent/good pair of 4" and the truck has room for tweets
-decent/good sub or two with enough room for a box to sound good
-amp to push this- should i get 1 bigger amp or 2 medium sized amps

no pyle, boss, sony etc bs

or should i get like 3 8" due to lack of space..would 3 8s sound alright??
-----also, it's a 97 nissan hardbody, yr before the frontiers-----

look into getting shallow mount subs. They are typically 4" deep, so in a pinch your box could be as thin as 6 1/2" thick or so. I would first measure out the biggest box you can possibly fit where you are still comfortable/safe to drive. Calculate the internal volume of the box, then decide how big and how many subs you can do. Since you are working in a small environment, a single 10" with a decent amp should be more than fine. You mention rock and a little bit of R&B, a 10" will be fine, if you listen to more R&B where the bass is heavier, you may opt for the 12.

If you are crafty, I would suggestion making some kick panels and installing them somewhere near your feet or expanding the whole in the door then installing a tweeter in the A pillar, or higher on the door such as near the power lock/window buttons are on most cars.

Were you looking to go tri channel? (one amp for sub and speakers?) or a mono amp and a speaker amp? Do you have a deck that is good enough already? Most 4" speakers will only be able to take very little wattage.

There are endless options of what you could do but here are some options:

4" speaker
$50 a pair

1" Tweeter - depending on what amp you choose and speaker location, might be needed to spread out the wattage and get on axis high end.

10" Subwoofer

$89 - 400 WRMS, 2 ohm, most stats not listed

$89 - 300 WRMS, 2 ohm, gets down to 20 hz.

if ran in 2 ohm mode @ 14.4 v, 85 WRMS to each speaker/extra tweeter combo and 410 WRMS to subwoofer

or sub amp

300 WRMS $135

400 WRMS $150

500 WRMS $200

speaker amp
4x40 RMS $100

4x25 WRMS or 2 x 100 watts $150

2x60 RMS $100

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