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21 Feb

Passive Subwoofer

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Passive Subwoofer
Replace active (powered) subwoofer speaker with passive speaker?

I need to replace the speaker in my powered subwoofer (amp is okay). Is there any difference between passive and active (powered) as far as the speaker/driver is concerned?

The short answer to your question is no. However, when replacing any woofer you have to match it's parameters to the original within tolerances. The first consideration is impedance. If the impedance of the replacement driver is too low the amp can be damaged. The next consideration, no less important, is the TS (Thiele / Small) parameters, if these do not match closely the sound quality will suffer, sometimes greatly. It is unlikely that you will be able to find out what the TS parameters are for the original driver so my best advice is to get a replacement driver from the manufacturer.

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OSD Audio Subwoofers - Powered Vs. Passive

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