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04 Dec

Pyle Outdoor

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Pyle Outdoor
What is the best PA system for a car?

I want to get a PA setup for my car but i want to buy the speaker and pa system sep. so its legit. i want to get the speaker 100w or higher, but i want it so its for outdoor use meaning waterproof. I was thinking of getting this Pyle Pro PH391 4'' x 10'' Horn Tweeter as my speaker but can someone know if that will work and is waterproof? and if u know of a better speaker let me know. also i dont know what pa system to get so any recommendations would be great.

The only waterproof speakers you will find is 'Marine Grade" (boat) speakers. I don't know of any PA speakers in this catagory. Marine equipment is like car stereos and is powered from 12 volts so no PA manufacturers have a market in it really. But you can use it as a PA depending on what type of quality you're willing to settle for. Use a Marine Subwoofer and a set of Wakeboard speakers for the highs along with a Marine Grade Amplifier. Use a small mixer board to control your line/mic inputs to the amp. You'll need to also be able to build your own waterproof cabinet/enclosure for the speakers. You could also use regular PA speakers and waterproof their existing box then build a hood extending from the top and sides to block rain from reaching the speakers.

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