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10 Nov

Sound Projector

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Sound Projector
Am connecting my playstation to my projector, but there's no sound?

The projector only takes the video (yellow) cable. The red and white cables from my playstation are left dangling. I figure I need to plug them into something, but I rather not buy a new set of speakers. Is there a converter I can plug them into, that I can then connect to my cheap single-plug computer speakers? I've looked on amazon and have seen a few converters, but I don't want to buy the wrong thing by accident.

i have a few of these.

i think this is what you are talking about.

if not then just look up RCA to MINI.
look at the cables you have and make sure they look like they would connect.

you may also need this to make the connection.

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Yamaha YSP-3000 Multichannel Digital Sound Projector

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