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07 Nov

Speakers Diesel

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Speakers Diesel
Music System for Palio Diesel?

I would like your opinion on a good combination of HU, Speakers, Comp, Door dampeners (& anything else like Amp/Woofer) under 20-25k budget for the following?
Also, any reliable shop I can go to in Bangalore for fitting the same?
I do not a preference over the brands except that I prefer a HU that should be a 2RCA or a 3RCA (if it helps to add sub-woof later, dont know if its worth it) plus iPod/USB.
I do not want to use a MDF board, so fitting an oval 6X9 at the rear is not for me...
Thanks in Advance,


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Diesel's 1st Swim! *Warning: turn your speakers down, haha*

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