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15 Feb

System Dvd

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System Dvd
Do you know how to use the system recovery dvd?

My compaq c700 started crashing a couple months ago so i ordered the system recovery dvd to restore it to factory settings, but now it just crashes while the dvd is trying to restore the computer. ive tried the and etc but nothing's worked. even though i have a 1yr warranty on it, the hp people are being dicks and just keep suggesting i buy more things to fix it instead of letting me get a replacement. i need your help!

Boot up press DEL go into your BIOS and make sure it is set to run from CD then try to reformat and install again,I normally use a third party program that formats my hard drive first before using my install disk!
Do not go to Melgar D link it will try to install Active.exe on your computer my antivirus has flagged and blocked the address from loading,DANGEROUS!

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Kadochnikov System - Highlight Techniques DVD

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