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04 Mar

Wireless Link

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Wireless Link
How do I instal d-link wireless N 150 USB adapter without the cd?

My net book doesn't have a CDR and I can't install the d-link wireless N 150 USB adapter without downloading the c.d. first. Is there another way to install it without the CD?

Go to the D-Link site and see if you can download an online version of what's on the CD.

It can be quite a problem with newer Netbooks without an optical drive ... but you can buy an external CD/DVD drive to plug in via USB ... OR ... if you can pick up an old IDE external box (that used to house an older style hard drive) and an equally old IDE CD drive, you can plug the CD drive into where the Hard Drive used to sit and it will become a cheap external CD drive so you can install software ex CD/DVD.

Be aware the CD drive won't fit in the box the same way the hard drive used to .. and you'll need to plug the box into mains to use it ... so I'm talking a very ugly method of operation here ... but CHEAP !!!

I'd try the download from the D-Link option first though !!!

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