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09 Mar

Half Moon

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Half Moon
Indian people: does a red cigarette packet that has a half moon and a green tree in the middle? pls help?

hi, does a red cigarette packet that has a half moon and a green tree in the middle originate from india?

thanks in advance.

Well done for being such an ignorant a*hole. This question is related to a very serious crime to committed in England where a young man was stabbed in the back with a knife before being mugged.

The attacker was an asian male with an asian accent that smoked cigarettes which came from a packet that was red in colour with a half moon and green tree in the middle.

As these are not available in the UK the police were looking to track the attacker down as it is a distinct brand of cigarettes. So instead of being a sanctimonious moron if you are not going to answer the question then it would really be better for us all if you would refrain from clicking that little button that clearly states "Answer" which you have obvious not done.

If I do find your address I will be sending you a bill to be paid by yourself for the value of bandwidth that has been wasted by your absolutely rubbish comment.

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Janis Joplin - Half Moon

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