29 Jan

Cartridge Ion

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Cartridge Ion
Do "Detox Foot Spas" really work, or is the concept nothing more than a bunch of horserasidh?

You put your feet in it, add salt water, and run it for about half an hour. It's supposed to remove toxins from your body through the pores on your feet. One such product, costing around $200, claims the following:

"This spa starts the process of rebalancing your body’s bioenergy to effectively re-balance your cells’ equilibrium of positive & negative ions. This, in turn, “kick starts” the dispersal of unwanted toxins. The secret is an energizing cartridge that creates a safe electronic flow & bio-energetic field that moves through your body."

If you re-read that claim, it sounds like a made-up bunch of crap. But I don't know. I'm interested in purchasing one of these, but I want to know if it works before I spend $200 on it. Have any of you purchased one and noticed a REAL increase in energy afterward? Thanks!

As soon as you see the line about rebalancing your body's "bioenergy" you should know that it's a load of japanese clap.

That being said, it's probably a nice foot massager. If you really want more energy, get a little more sleep and do some cardio every couple of days.

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