04 Feb

Needle Shure

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Needle Shure
Nose peircing question?

i peirced my nose wiht a pin that has a small silver stud on it buut i have no bakcing or should i take it out put a needle in it and take the pin and bend it or what im not shure what to do ?

The best thing you can do is go to a piercing place and see if they can pop a surgical steel stud in there. Because you already pierced it yourself, they will probably help you regardless of your age (some places have an 18+ rule).

The pin is VERY UNLIKELY surgical steel and this can cause some serious complications. Surgical steel is the only metal your body can really heal around without it rusting or releasing toxins into the body.

If you absolutely won't see a professional, you should not play with the piercing any more than necessary. I would leave the piercing completely alone. If it somehow falls out, at THAT point I would clean it thoroughly and then bend it at the very end at a 90 degree angle (so it looks like this: << L >> ) The bend will hold the piercing in your nose.

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