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27 Nov

Turntable Cartridge

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Turntable Cartridge
If the volume on my turntable is low, is it possible that my cartridge is to blame?

The CD player's channel has perfect volume, and the turntable's channel is much higher than the CD players, and still too low. Is it possible that the cartridge is bad? Would that affect the volume? I know that the cartridge has had some injury.

There are a few possibilities. One is that your cartridge's output is naturally low. Even with a good quality phono pre-amp, I still need to turn the volume on my amplifier to about twice as high when listening to my turntable than when I listen to my CD player.

Another possibility is that you have a moving coil cartridge instead of a moving magnet cartridge. Most inexpensive cartridges are moving magnet cartridges, and most built in phono-stages on amplifiers are made for moving magnet cartridges. However, if you turntable has a low-output moving coil cartridge, it may be much quieter. I doubt this is the case though, since most moving coil cartridges are relatively high-end, in which case you would have paid much more money for, in which case I would assume you have significant knowledge about turntables, in which case you wouldn't be asking this question.

The other possibility is that yes, you cartridge in damaged. If you have tried replacing the the stylus and it still hasn't helped, then maybe you should consider getting a new cartridge.

I would think that the most likely scenerio is number 1. Unless you're already cranking your stereo, don't be afraid to just turn up the volume on your amp until its at the level you want, even if its much higher than you would for your CD player, that's perfectly normal for turntables.

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